Hello,everyone!welcome to Bleach world!

Hello,everyone!welcome to Bleach world!Bleach is a very classical anime,it has appealed to so many fans.For those Bleach fans,you must want to make yourseves the same as your bleach idols?why not try do bleach cosplay ?if you want,we can offer you cheap but good quality bleach cosplay costume and other items!


The biggest Scene COS:bleach cosplay

Have you found that in so many kinds of cosplay,there is a cosplay always with many many cosplayers,yes ,it is Bleach cosplay.

These two photoes are enough to prove my saying.You may ask why?
why?Because there are so characters in anime bleach.Bleach Cosplay Costume almost are same style,black and white.Zangetsu Cosplay  is the most hot one for Zangetsu is the main character.yoruichi cosplay  is my love,yoruichi is a very beautiful girl in Bleach.Wa,I can list them one by one,if you are a bleach lover,I'm sure you must be familar to these characters and want to cosplay them,aren't you?

Grimjow Cosplay from Bleach Anime

I have seen many bleach cosplay ,this is the first time see Grimjow Cosplay from bleach anime.This cosplayer portrayed Grimjow wearing Bleach Cosplay Costume look well,but I don't like his cosplay wig,and I'm so curious about the big teech on his face,it is really teeth,it my surpose!


Bleach Soul Resurreccion embraces its anime roots

There's no way to tell you what's going on in the Bleach universe Bleach Cosplay Costume if you're not already familiar with it. If I had to try, it's about a boy named Ichigo and the powers behind death. Over hundreds of episodes, Ichigo develops the incredible powers of a Soul Reaper, and now he and his friends are fighting nasty creatures called Arrancar. Add in super powers, samurai swords, and attack fairies, and you have Bleach in a nutshell.

I was lost the moment the narrator started speaking, but that's okay. You don't need to follow the plot to recognize how passionately Bleach: Soul Resurreccion embraces the source material. Bleach bleeds anime style, from the smallest of sword slashes to the dramatic opening saturated with fluttering cloaks and blowing hair. Bleach Cosplay Costume

Like Dynasty Warriors, Soul Resurreccion is set in sprawling, open environments to facilitate battles with large numbers of enemies. While Dynasty Warriors suffers from bland backdrops, Soul Resurreccion backgrounds have just enough personality. A massive, broken pillar lends more to the atmosphere of the battle then a few poorly rendered trees.

If there are any concerns to be found during my first moments with Bleach: Soul Resurreccion,yoruichi cosplay  it's the repetitive nature of combat. Unless mission structure evolves over time, Soul Resurreccion looks to throw you into a series of arena battles, one after another, until the end. It's a classic problem with games of this type, and my level of patience for it depends entirely on how much the battle system can give back to me.

Bleach: Soul Resurreccion shows us just how far a developer can go in bringing the source material into its game. I hope it has a few tricks up its sleeve, but at the very least its damn fun to look at.


How cute Rukia Kuchiki cosplay

As the blog tile saying,I'm a bleach lover,so if you a bleach lover,you can't miss here!All these are from Bleach Anime series, the character name is Rukia Kuchiki she is one of the main character on this Bleach anime series, the cosplayer name behind this Bleach Cosplay Photography  Rukia Kuchiki cosplay is Saki, i guess Saki has a similar face with  Rukia Kuchiki , i mean she look fit as Inoue, that cosplay costume was made well, but i thing that not any differences with ordinary Hight school uniform ", and that Kon Doll made this cosplay photograph look more cute. i got this Bleach Cosplay Photography Rukia Kuchiki cosplay from Cosplay.Lightchan.com, great cosplay!

New Soi Fong cosplay photos

Soi Fong cosplay  will not disappear,it is loved by many fantasy showers.
Now i just found new cosplay photograph, the cosplayer model for this Soi-Fon Cosplay photosis Tachibana Minami, she just look perfect for Soi-fon Cosplay, and i think that was bit risky Cosplay Costume ^^" (especially for the breast part Lol), well...i can said this was perfect photograph, with soft lightning and good contrast on the photo that make this Soi-Fon Cosplay photos look more alive, and its nice look too for everyone who saw this photo, and Tachibana has a nice and fit posture as Soi-Fon, that Soi-fon cosplay costume   has very well made too event the coat was made really close to the original Soi-fon coat, that really look cool.umm...i got this nice Soi-Fon Cosplay photos from Cosplay.Lightchan.com I love it!!      

Bleach cosplay is best activity on halloween day

Bleach cosplay is best activity on halloween day.

Time is flying!It seems just few days,it is July already,July is a granduated season,i like it ,soon,Halloween day is coming!Have you think over how to get your this year Halloween day?Certainly,cosplay can't miss!Especially bleach cosplay!

Bleach cosplay is choose to on halloween day since its appearance,it has won many cospyers.Bleach Cosplay Costume and mask give us a mestery feeling,so it is the best one on halloween day.

For new cosplayers,they maybe not familar to cosplay costume  ,so her I like to recommend some bleach cosplay costume to you!

Rukia Kuchiki cosplay  \Bleach Yoruichi Cosplay \Nemu Kurotsuchi cosplay \Soi Fong cosplay  ,all these bleach cosplay costume are may favorites.Let's see these cosplay costume orderly.
 Rukia Kuchiki cosplay ,this costume is designed for cosplayer that want cosplay Rukia Kuchiki.

Bleach Yoruichi Cosplay,This is designed for those Yoruichi fans to cosplay Yoruichi.
Nemu Kurotsuchi cosplay,it is for nemu fans.Take it home!12th Division Vice-Captain Nemu Kurotsuchi Bleach Cosplay Costume make you the same as Nemu Kurotsuchi in Bleach cosplay costume for cosplay show. Package Includes: * 1×Kimono Coat * 1×Skirt * 1×Girdles * 1×Waist Rope * 1×Items * 1×Oversleeve * 1×Vice-Captain Card

Soi Fong cosplay costume is for Soi fong cosplay lovers.We carefully prepared the 2nd Division Captain Soi Fong Bleach Cosplay Costume for you,you can use it to make you as same as Soi Fong.
These are some bleach cosplay costume that I think they are very good,if you don't like these ,we also offer you some other bleach  cosplay costume for other characters in bleach!

A sexy bleach cosplay on Anime Expo 2011

This is a photo taken from Anime Expo 2011 .

I don't know the cosplayer's name ,but I know the character she cosplayed is from bleach !Her Bleach Cosplay Costume is the same as the bleach cosplay on http://www.doitstyle.com.Generally saying,I don't like this sexy bleach cosplay  costume.

To be frank,I like Nemu Kurotsuchi cosplay and yoruichi cosplay most,they are both beautiful girl,one is cute and the other is cool!if I will do bleach cosplay,I will choose yoruichi or nemu kurotsuchi to cosplay.